What makes me angry… part 2

At this point, anger just seems like a form of stupidity. No one can cause you mental pain, it’s just in your own head.

Regardless, I know I have an anger point in my core. I can feel it, and yet can’t access it. Maybe I have been avoiding situations when and where I have a motivation and chance to be angry; this could very well be.

I may have to abandon my head to access that anger. That feels impossible. I wanted to say that it feels “almost” impossible, but I gotta be honest with myself. Maybe there is an alternative to anger that seems and feels like anger. Intense frustration, coupled with intense sadness and helplessness? That feels more like despair.

I may have to approach this issue intellectually and spiritually. I have to pinpoint my anger point by looking inwards. Time to consult the wheel of emotions


Plutchik’s wheel of emotions

Source: Wikipedia.