Take the risk and open your heart

Let’s be honest. Walking around with your heart on your sleeves is the scariest thing you can do.  The feeling of being vulnerable sucks.  The feeling of not being in control sucks.  The feeling of your heart being rejected sucks.  You should still open up your heart.  Why? Because no matter the outcome, happiness or pain, you will have truly been alive.  Life isn’t just about being happy.  It’s about loving, getting your hearts broken, and then loving some more. That is the only way life can surprise you, that is the only way you can grow, the only way you can connect.

We close our hearts off and we forget how to connect with ourselves.  How can we expect to connect with others? How can we expect to connect with the universe? Most of us walk around with a fantasy of being swept away and be showered with love.  Who would want to sweep us away if our hearts are closed off? We have to open our hearts all the times, we don’t know who’s paying attention to us.  We can’t be selective because we can’t predict who will touch us inside just the right way or when and where it might happen.  How do we expect to find long lasting friendships or a soul-mate?

And it’s no guarantee that as soon as you open your hearts you will be swept away.  Yes your heart will go through hell, yes your heart will be toyed with by people who play games, and yes your heart will be rejected. You have to have trust that your heart can endure. Your heart will grow bigger.  And life will surprise you.  Your heart will surprise you.  You will see that you are being swept away all the time, you will feel everything tremendously.  You will have truly lived.

Most of us don’t even know what it means to really live.  We are observers of life.  We make notes on how to best live a life.  We use our head to analyze and we trust only what we can understand.  But our heads are too stupid to understand what the heart feels, what living means.  So we lose the magic of life.  We lose that fire for life.  And we die without ever using our notes on how to best live a life.

When you open your hearts, you open yourself to new experiences each day.  You don’t know whether today will be a good day or a bad day.  Your life becomes a roller coaster of a ride.  Your life will become out of control.  This is where the mind comes in.

You can find a way to harmonize your mind and your heart in a way that one is not controlling the other.  Rather they have to become one via focus, dedication and a thirst for life.  Sometimes you have to lead with your heart and sometimes you have to lead with your mind.  There is no right way, I would say take the risk and follow your heart’s desire. Have people in your life who will stop you from doing something stupid, because the heart doesn’t know if what it wants is stupid.  Your heart wants what the heart wants.  Trust that it will all work out.

What your heart wants isn’t always what you expect. Sometimes your heart wants to be happy, sometimes your heart wants to be sad, sometimes your heart wants something dull.  There is nothing wrong with any of it.  Allow yourself to feel intensely whatever your heart wants you to feel.  Others may see you as happy or sad or dull.  They may not like you at that moment, they may not like you forever. You may not like that they don’t like you.  But as long as you follow your heart’s desire, you will be loved by the right people (friends, family, fans), and you will be loved by you.  This will give you the ability to love even those who don’t love you.  Be the one who sweeps them away.  Thereby giving them all the reasons to love you.  Because love conquers all.