I can keep at this till Armageddon

We were given an assignment (by our teacher Alexandra Leggat) to pick a daily routine, observe it and write it into a poem.  For a few days, I would open my notebook and think of capturing that one routine that I want to share.  I thought that if I chose one routine, that one routine would cage me; so, I was unable to pick a routine for the assignment.  Though, I would start writing about how I don’t know what to write about, as this is how writers begin writing, right?  And then it hit me.  This is my daily routine, trying to come up with something .

The result is as follows:

I can keep at this till Armageddon

I am not sure what to write about.
May be write about my morning routine
or that philosophical topic I am thinkin’.

I am too worried,
worried that I don’t have anything worth sharing,
or even enough to fulfill this assignment’s bidding.

Regardless, I just started to write something,
so that I can get the noise out,
and get past it.

But I don’t hear anything,
it’s too quiet over my mast,
so not sure what I am trying to get past.

I don’t know why I am writing this,
when I don’t want to.
Why should I continue?

Perhaps because, THIS is my assignment.
Let Alexandra deal with it,
let my classmates have a laugh at this piece of sheet.

In fact, I will do just that.
So, there; this is my blabbering.
You just indulged into nothing.

Or is it really nothing?
That was 151 words, 155 now, 157.
Hah! I can keep at this till Armageddon.