Acting Log: Practice script

Practiced Hamlet with Dennis.

Before we started practice, we shared our findings and experiences over the past few days; and I especially shared what I learned from “True and False – Heresy and Common sense for the Actor” by David Mamet. And we applied what we learned into practice.

The result was as such. We spoke the dialogue for the next character that comes in line, so we didn’t stick to one character. Instead, we focused on the goal of that dialogue and the emotions/stimulus came from within because we were after that goal. And it worked, we got worked up, we got emotional and we got surprised as (I hope) intended by Shakespeare. We did not have to put any extra effort into getting in our characters. We started to get a feel for what each character was as we went along, and we started to change something within us that reflected that character. I was listening to him and he was listening to me (we were on phone), and I was speaking to him and he was speaking to me…. most of the times, the language is … 😵 .

It did not feel like work, and yet this is the work. This was fun, we saw our limits and now we can push further.

We will continue this again on a later day.