How to transform into the character

As a start, research and integrate the following specific analysis into the portrayal of your character and write them down clearly and simply.

  • Age of my character
  • Social Class (lower, middle, upper, rich or poor)
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Dialect
  • Special Skills
  • Family Background
  • Physical Health
  • Emotional Stability (mature or immature open or closed)
  • Physical Habits/Body Language (how does my character him or herself, how does he or she walk and talk, what is the rhythm of speech?)
  • Beliefs (social, moral, religious, and most importantly, what is the life philosophy or motto that he or she lives by?)
  • My character’s likes and dislikes
  • What is my character’s objective or action in the scene? What is he or she fighting for?
  • How am I like my characters? How am I unlike my character?
  • What do other characters say about me in the play and the scene? What do I say about myself in the play and the scene?
  • What is my animal image for my character?

In the scene, select the information you know and the information you don’t know and reach to it.
What kinds of other research into my character can I embark on? (For example, if I am playing a person who stutters, how will I approach this character? What creative or original approach will I explore?)