A new set of challenges to work on

There is a new set of challenges that I have to work on now.

  • I have to bring back the fire for life, rather than be a whimper.
  • Bring back the attitude.
    • For the actor in me, I have to learn how to behave as if I am better than them, whether it be as a nice person or a jerk.
  • Be more assertive, don’t just let things slide by.
    • Fight the fight, unless it is totally and completely pointless.
  • Learn to accept my anger, it is a part of me.
    • I was reminded that I have a great anger towards my dad, and I have pushed it deep down inside myself because I hate feeling angry.  But the actor in me needs to confront it and learn to accept it as a part of me rather than running away from it.
  • Be a rebel in the open, don’t hide in the shadows.
  • Be smart, you know you can be the smartest person in the room, so don’t stoop to their level.
Love: a belonging, a stirring (got this word from the book called “The Giver”, and it’s been great so far.)
  • Lead from the heart: I have just recently learned how to lead with the heart and it’s been great.  It hurts at times, but I don’t want to run away from my feelings anymore.  So, gotta accept the bad along with the good.
  • What do I really want: know what I want, and go for it.  It’s the “knowing” in my head, but “knowing” in my heart.
    • I just know.
Primary state of being:

This is now becoming more relevant.  I have to know my primary state of being.

Commit to the emotions, they are mine

  • Depth
  • Connection
  • Backstory
  • I have to feel tremendously, and honestly and rawly.
    • Don’t hide or run from it, for good or worse.

I have to allow myself to feel tremendously.

Really really listen
  • In a script (and in life), I have to learn to really listen to listen out of curiosity and wanting to know, rather than try to add my own hypothesis to whoever I am listening to to sound smart.
    • I saw someone do this recently, and I was immediately drawn to that trait; it was attractive.